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Glades County Court

Clerk of the Court

How do you take a traffic ticket to court in Glades County? In Glades County, if you want to fight a traffic ticket, it will be heard in the Glades County Traffic Court. The major cities of Glades County include: Moore Haven. If you received a traffic ticket in Glades County you are not alone. Last year 8,480 traffic citations were issued in Glades County alone.

In order to find out more information about a traffic ticket, pay a civil traffic citation, or elect to attend a driver improvement course you can contact the Glades County Clerk of the Court at:

Glades County Clerk of the Court
500 Avenue
Moore Haven, FL 33471
(863) 946-6010


If your ticket number is not showing up in the Court system you may need to try back. It sometimes takes a few weeks for the issuing agency to submit the citation to the Clerk’s office. You have thirty (30) days to pay a traffic ticket, request a hearing, or elect traffic school.

Before paying a traffic citation, or electing traffic school you should discuss your case with an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Glades County. Paying your traffic tickets could result in points on your license, higher insurance rates, or possible even the suspension of your driver‘s license.

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